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    Halo Reach


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    Halo Reach

    Post  SigmoidFive on Tue Oct 12, 2010 2:42 pm

    Yeah i got halo reach....a few days after release....I wasnt really a fan of the previous halo game,halo 3,so i wasnt all that thrilled when i got the new one(my friends forced me to get it)

    So,a quick overview on its predecessor halo 3,now that game sucked ass,a successor to halo 2(Now this game was sure worth buying,along with halo:Combat Evolved as it was the 1st respectable 1st person sci-fi shooter of its time) and was released in late 2007. For a game released in that time, i would have to say that its story was bad,i mean right off the back of the box it was mentioned that you as master chief would have to "finish the fight" now is that interesting? NO!It was already bad enough that Bungie left me hanging with such a horrible ending to halo 2 and now a DULL and UNINTERESTING Story and ending to wrap it all up.....ohh and the lame cutscenes....ALL YOU HAD TO DO was KILL endless waves of idiotic grunts the whole way!not getting into too much detail,this is supposed to be a short review on halo reach lololo

    This game(reach),however,is the total opposite.I Mean its got an interesting/captivating story(dont want to spoil it for those who havent got it,but it is about a few spartans in Noble Team and their missions) that would do respect to Original halo fans while not boring the newcomers,only drawback being its short campaign time of 5 hours on normal difficulty.But this is immediately compensated by the PACE of the story which will excite you with many different challenges,such as piloting the SABER in space and being the GUNNER of the FALCON and many more.NOT only that but instead of being in master chiefs boots, you are now known as Noble six,this new guy is apparently supposed to be you or uniquely yours(The Armory offers a great degree of customization in your looks and voice to show individuality) and as a result you find yourself being one with Noble team,fighting alongside and eventually caring for them.also,the fact that Multiplayer gives you a reason to stick to the game by playing hard and getting rewarded with credits to unlock armor pieces(for those who like to collect).There is also a little something for the competetive gamers as well,the state of the art medal and stat/ranking system that gives you something to show off(your kill/death ratio for example) when people check you out in the leaderboards or when bragging.NOT forgetting forge.....It has now been revamped and given tons of new features that make it easier and so much better,such as PHASING an object can make it go through another object to make new things for example.With the new and enhanced version of Forge,you can look forward into playing what the community has to offer(new maps and features) or what you have to offer for the community to play.This greatly lengthens the games replayability and I guarantee you wont be getting bored of it in a long time.
    It also has this thing called armor abilities which is a little similar to the perk system in the Call of Duty franchise,for example the "Armor Lock" armor ability generates a forcefield around the player and makes him invulnerable for the time he held to activate the armor ability.There is a catch to it though,you wont be able to move and it does not last forever,so in a way it is counter balanced.So far,i have not noticed any balance issues in this game, unlike in games like Modern warfare 2 where some weapons are clearly overpowered by the other.

    So,it is with the reasons above that i find this great game a must buy/try

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