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    FIFA 11, Halo : Reach

    PsR Bryan

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    FIFA 11, Halo : Reach

    Post  PsR Bryan on Tue Oct 05, 2010 9:24 pm

    So, of course, being a game addict, I picked up Halo: Reach and FIFA11 soon after they were released. What do I have to say about it? 2 words. Fucking. Awesome. Halo: Reach is definitely a game that anyone, I mean anyone, should buy. The multiplayer is all changed. I've been having a lot of fun with it, and the campaign is just so well planned and perfect. FIFA 11, don't even get me started. The overall gameplay was amazing. New tricks, goal celebrations, and of course, an all new style of dribbling. The game seemed much better than FIFA 10, which by now, I've come to realise is just pretty much sprinting upfield and pressing X ( or SQUARE for the PS3 ) to score. Yes, much tactic is actually needed. More passing, more dribbling. It's just an all-new feeling. Can't be described. Anyone who loves football out there, yes, GO GET IT! >Smile
    But on thing is, I've yet to try Dead Rising 2. It seems like a jolly lot of fun from videos I've watched on YouTube. However, it's more of a gameplay experience type of game, rather than a graphics type of game. That I don't appreciate much. I go for games with good graphics and gameplay! Smile As for MoH and CoD: Black Ops, I think I'm going to get both of them...if I live that long...

    Anyways, that's pretty much it for this post. Just a little update, like I said I would try to keep the forum alive. Dear respected and important members, I hope you'll try too! Cya soon.

    PsR Bryan

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