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    Games worth getting for fall of 2010?

    PsR Bryan

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    Games worth getting for fall of 2010?

    Post  PsR Bryan on Wed Sep 08, 2010 5:56 pm

    Hmm. There are some really epic games coming out this fall. Halo Reach.I've seen the multiplayer gameplay, and it definitely sparked my interest for Halo again. The combat looked much MORE explosive and worth the money. Halo 3 really, bored the f**k out of me. It made me hate Halo. Till I saw Reach... I'm sure I'm not the only one interested in getting Halo Reach, eh? Another topic with a point of arguement is pretty obvious ; Medal of Honor vs Call of Duty : Black Ops ! I know a lot of people will say, CoD will be better. Being a call of duty hater, I kind of think that Black Ops will NOT be better. Provided EA doesn't make the servers for Medal of Honor multiplayer. But I guess EA is indeed going to make them. Until I find out exactly what makes who or who makes what, I'm sticking to this : Black Ops for the Xbox and Medal of Honor for the PS3. Neutral Another game I'm really looking forward to is FIFA 11. Playing as the keeper sounds really f**king cool. Who's up for that? Very Happy And, someone, please tell me if DEAD RISING 2 is worth the money. I haven't actually tried DR1, so I need some opinions from people who have played it. Or even people who have not played it. Twisted Evil Thanks for reading this post anyway, peeps. Hope to get some replies? Neutral This forum seems kinda dead tongue

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